Café Manna Weekly Specials Menu

September 19 – October 2



Pomegranate Baby Kale
Fresh Italian baby kale tossed with a delicious blend of wild rice, quinoa, feta and pomegranate seeds. Dressed in sweet apple cider honey vinaigrette and garnished with crushed oven roasted walnuts. 15



Grilled Apple Brie
Toasted kalamata olive rosemary bread with a dried apricot puree, warmed brie, fresh spinach, shaved red onion, grilled apples and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Served with your choice of side. 14



Café Manna’s version of this traditional Korean dish starts with a bed of fried rice topped with a sunny side egg. Surrounding the rice is sautéed spinach, fresh bean sprouts, house made kimchi, daikon radishes and a mushroom jackfruit bulgogi. Garnished with pea shoots and a side of sambal. 16



Chocolate Raspberry Amaretto Torte
Rich chocolate almond mini cake filled with sweet raspberry jam and finished with vegan amaretto “buttercream” frosting. Served with raspberry coulis and fresh berries. 9


Hot Tea

Italian Chamomile
A blend of select golden colored chamomile blossoms, rose petals and hibiscus flowers is balanced with serene, soothing notes of fennel, lemon myrtle and orange peel. 4



Crook and Marker Grapefruit
Spiked and Sparkling water. Zero sugar. Overflowing with bold, refreshing grapefruit flavor. Organic BaseBrew® alcohol – made from quinoa, amaranth, millet and cassava root. 5