Zhena's Gypsy Teas

Organic and Fair Trade. $4.00 Each

  Herbal Caffeine Free

Rose Mint

Egyptian peppermint in a delicate dance with rose petals. Sweet and minty.


Fireside Chai

Orange peel increases confidence, ginger aids digestion,
cardamom acts as a mild natural aphrodisiac.


Italian Chamomile

Helps cultivate patience and relaxation. Soothes and calms both body and soul.


Brazilian Berry

Promotes clarity. Purifying and energizing. This
anti-oxidant rich blend is refreshing and revitalizing.

  With Caffeine

Uplifting Earl Grey (Black)

Supports concentration and confidence.
Energy, balance and mood lifter.


Coconut Chai (Black)

Ginger enhances digestion, happiness and focus.
Rich, tropical coconut enhances the sensual organic spices.


Lemon Jasmine (Green)

Purification and healing. Elegant, lively and zesty!


Iced Teas Available.


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